The Survival Group Blueprint

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About This Course

This course is designed for both the solo survivor and the established group, regardless of size or mission. By employing the hard learned lessons carefully researched from a spectrum of active groups, and applying sociology, history, law and threat analysis, the survivor will understand what to look for in a group, how to build one from scratch, how to fix one that has become dysfunctional and where to put it in a hurry.

Most importantly, we will help you decide if a group is even a good idea for your situation. If you want to put a razor’s edge on your team, understand group dynamics, conflict analysis and be able to successfully operate with others under a multitude of conditions, this course holds the keys to your success.

Course Structure

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What is a Survival Group?

A survival group is a number of people who have similar interests that pledge to assist each other in times of crisis and disruption. The idea being that many hands make light work. An effective group will come together on a regular basis to prepare and improve their teamwork and planning. Groups come in several forms from a typical family unit to a circle of friends or neighbors to well-organized operations with a documented framework and mission statement.

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How to Establish a Survival Group

A well-considered survival group begins with the individual. Member vetting should be the highest priority. Many individuals set out to build a group in one of two ways; gather people and try to make a plan or make a plan and then gather people. We will explore the most effective strategies to find the right people and get them to work as a team.

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What Makes an Effective Survival Group?

In order for a group to be effective there must be a strong foundation and an accepted way to make decisions. The most effective organizations operate with customer satisfaction at the front of their mission, survival groups must operate with their member’s best interest in mind in order to achieve buy-in and participation.

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Supplemental Material

As we move through the course, we will provide additional materials and documents to help you build a strong foundation and manage the ongoing operations of your group. We have done the heavy lifting and less glamorous work, so you don’t have to.